Ain’t no such thing as Satan. Evil is what we make it.

My 3am thoughts still go drown in him.


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Good lord, missing him is insanity.

New magazine promotes healthy body image


A new fashion magazine targeting “plus-sized readers” is opening eyes with its empowering message about body image.

The magazine’s title, “66100,” is a play on clothing size. Sixty-six is a reference to women’s “extra-large” clothes, while 100 refers to large clothes for men.

“Beauty is not about whether a person is fat or not. It’s about having the confidence to know you are beautiful the way you are,” magazine founder Kim Ji-yang, 28, told Kyunghyang Shinmun.

Weighing 70 kilograms and measuring 165 centimeters in height, Kim herself wears size 88 clothes, which are considered “XXL” in Korea.

In 2010, she became first Korean woman to become a plus-sized model in the United States.

  Kim Ji-yang, 28, magazine publisher of “66100”

Korean society places heavy emphasis on appearance and many people feel stigmatized because of weight.

“The reason why (Koreans) are obsessed about dieting is because they feel insecure and fearful about being excluded,” Kim said.

She said Korean manufacturers don’t offer enough sizes.

“The reason why many Korean women gain weight when they go overseas is because they don’t feel stressed out about wearing certain sizes because there are diverse sizes available,” she remarked.

Kim hopes the magazine will help create a new market for plus-sized women in Korea. Still, there are challenges ahead, including finding plus-sized models who feel confident about their bodies.

Kim said the survival of the publication depends on reader response.

As for the 1,000 copies of the first-edition, which she published using her savings, Kim said, “Fortunately, the response wasn’t that bad.”

I’ve been trying to forget, but its like I was the one who’s been forgotten.

After last nights endeavors, I found out two things:

1) kik is for lonely fools who willingly expose themselves to anyone with blasphemy such as nude photos and something else that highly resembles sexting.
2) This generation is more stupid than I could have grasped my mind on before.

Now I mean no disrespect if this offends anyone or if you feel what I’ve said reflects you or your actions. I just want it to be known that if you do take part in obvious foolery… Im judging you.

I wonder if this makes me a ratchet..

Kik me: poshel_na_khuy


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